lemon, raspberry, rose, chocolate, red fruits and pistachios

Kirsten and I tried to bake some macrons last week.
guess what: it sucks! I really don't know how anyone could do it.
it's not as easy as it looks, definately not.
we forgot to add the sugarsyrup, so we just poured the whole mess in the oven:
it looked like melted play-doh!
so, we'll keep on trying and trying.
and I'll keep on dreaming about the Ladurée ones untill the day we get them right.

I promis, I'll look for new subjects to post about.
everything for my four loyal followers!

la Fille

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Anonymous said...

Omgooood dat ziet er superlekker uit! :) waarschijnlijk wel vol kleurstof enzo, maarja ^^ x