1: I know the pictures are everything but perfect
2: I know there are no pictures from the inside, because they wouldn't let me
3: If you are wondering why it is all much of the same: it's because it was.
it was just half of the collection, and not even the part I loved.
so I called my mother right away and she ordered online, so, yaay!

but I didn't came home with empty hands: I bought a Sonia Rykiel bag and a tiny box with three briefs in it, I'll post them tomorrow!

I figured that i'm terrible when it comes to spending money.
(not in shopping: spending money)
thou shall never give me a piece of plastic named 'creditcard', because if thou shall, thou should drag me away from my dearest stores. Otherwise I would never leave.
with cash, I feel the pain when I'm spending it.
perfect example: you might have read at www.thegirlandthemymys.blogspot.com that I am planning on bidding on the gooooorgeous Alexas.
well, they're on a 130 euros now, and still thinking about bidding on them.
I'm nuts.

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Anonymous said...

Dankjewel! We doen allesinds ons best om zo vaak mogelijk posts te schrijven ^^. Hele leuke foto's! Je ziet die affiches van de h&m nu echt overal รถ ghaha, maar het zijn wel zo artistieke foto's vind ik. :) x Laura.