Last night I stayed up late to watch the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M fashionshow.
Live, ofcourse.
and although I know I sound obsessed with the whole thing, it was worth it!
Fashionshow would be a total understatement: it was a Fashionparade.
Girls on chandeliers, girls in a forrest of balloon-leafed-trees, girls on silk matrasses, girls with a giant horse
(Lily Cole was on it, if I'm not mistaking!), girls on swings..
and it was all presented in a black/white/pink-matching world.
the whole event was like a carnaval!
you can watch the whole thing now on hm.com

which brings me back to the thing I wanted to post about:
how much is a SRpHM piece?

If you'd ask me I'd say the pieces are divided in different categories:
-the gorgeous bras/bralettes/body's are all 29,90
-the less gorgeous (some almost boring) bras are 14,90 and 19,90
-the daredevils-only bra-with-roses-on-nipple-height cost 24,90
-pyjamas are all different (depends on the fabric: silk/velvet/etc.)

-most accesoires are between 19,90 and 29,90 euros

and then there is the Sonia striped collection, which I personally do not like.
it's a bit childish, and not very special.
but who knows, I might change my mind when I see it 'in the fabric'.

so, enough for now: more about it on saturday!

la Fille aime Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

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