first things first: sorry for not posting!
I know my loyal readers will forgive me and I hope my other fans (if there are any) will soon be checking my blog out again, too.

I have to say that I am very very happy about my blog.
This is one of the reasons I haven't been posting much; I don't want to ruin my precious blog!
so once again: sorryyyyyy.


I've been up to a lot lately,
my birthday (didn't even take the time to post about that! shame on me)
NYE (didn't work out so well..)
school (yeah, says it all)
God, I could think of thousands of pictures in the snow and yet I've taken none so far.
guess I'm having (as the newspapers call it: ) the winterblues

so, up to the better stuff

I'm still not over my bandjacket-obsession, think I need to go to rehab..
last friday I saw my jacket.. in BLUE (!!)

Oh and talking about friday: Prom night!
My dress arrived the day after (nice..) , but I had found a great replacement!
a simple H&M dress, with amaaaaazing H&M wedges (the ones with the zipper in the front!)
and a lovely, feathery headpiece.
Time of our lives!

at the moment I am deciding wheter I'd take a piece of chocolate cake or not.
ohhh delicious chocolate cake..

the Girl
(is back!)

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