on H&M.com:

This spring, H&M will work with its youngest ever collaborator to create some truly original T-shirts by interacting with H&M customers around the world. André Lorens Stock is an 18 year old from Sweden who is behind the hyped T-shirt label Black Book.
André started the label after he printed a T-shirt he’d bought at H&M with his own design. Now, H&M is celebrating his entrepreneurial spirit with an exciting collaboration through H&M.com. André will choose and then customize his favourite prints that are sent in from customers to hm.com from January, with the resulting
T-shirts appearing in-store from April.

André started designing T-shirts just one year ago. “I’d finished High School,” he says, “and couldn’t even get a job as a waiter. I’d made a T-shirt for myself, and people started coming up to me in the street asking me where I’d bought it, and so I started thinking about it as a business idea.” The T-shirts have been so successful that André soon opened his first Black Book web-shop, and has just finished his first ever factory-made collection.
When André got in touch with H&M, he had no idea he’d get such a positive response.
But H&M’s creative advisor, Margareta van den Bosch, thought he’d make the perfect collaborator. And to encourage even more entrepreneurial spirit, fans of H&M can get involved, too!

“My collection for H&M will be based on the pictures from people around the world,” says André. “From January, people will be able to read about my story on hm.com, and then upload their pictures, from which I’ll pick my favourites.”
André will make designs from the images sent in, creating ten T-shirts for girls and seven for boys.
The collection will then go on sale at the Divided department of H&M from April. “Hopefully I can inspire people all around the world to think outside the box to achieve their goals,” says André.

(source: H&M.com)

and... here's my email response:


Congratulations, your photo is one of the winning contributions in our Black book competition! We received more than 20,000 photos and André from Black Book and the H&M jury chosen your photo as one of the 17 winners. (...)

yep! got another message today, confirming my hopes: I AM NOT TOO LATE!

and I was worried that maybe in some weird way my picture will get reeeeaaally tiny so nobody will notice
(yeah, I know, I know, be gratefull blahblah. seriously: I think I'm allowed to want it all. :D )

but as H&M says: 10 tees for Girls, 7 tees for Guys. so yeah. that's 17 pictures!

what's next? well.. uhm. wait wait wait wait wait

for two.. whole.. months.. (!!)

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