I'm off, ba-da-byee!

tomorrow I'll be heading to Hannover, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family
I'm so excited! I've only been there once, but I hadn't had the time to really check it out.
I hope to find some time so see the 'Nana' sculptures (Nikki de Saint Phalle) this time,
and the centre itself, it really has a vacation village-feel to it. Cozy, in way.
ofcourse, the fact that Hannover has 3 H&M's, one selling Lanvin H&M has absolutely nothing to do with my happiness (okay, so maybe just a little bit. I just found out this morning, though!)

I'm taking my camera (with spare battery, this time) with me,
dying to make some new pictures!


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hami said...

haha,my name is Han MING.