note on the side:
I went to the huge H&M that sold H&M Lanvin to try my luck, but it turned out to be
one big disappointment.

there was a small rack that contained, I think, 6 dresses (large sizes, leftovers)
half of them were just lying on the floor (?!?!)
there was the electric pink one-shoulder, pink floralprint with nude straps,
the black one with the huge shoulders, the red tutu, the yellow got-to-have
and the LBD (with rhinestones).

the fabric of the first one was just.. not as I expected. Not that I was interested in that one,
but it was kinda.. bubbly. The pink floral one on the other hand, was pretty above my expectations!

But the biggest disappointment , personally, was the yellow dress. I adored it from the beginning,
and I don't know if it's because of all the screaming, ripping, fighting ladies, but in store it
just looked.. abused!
I was aware that the Lanvin collection was fullof the 'unfinished details',
but I really thought that the zipper was detached from the dress
(yes, I was also aware that the zipper was supposed to be exposed!)

But I've seen that one on a couple of ladies on Lookbook.nu , and they looked great!
so let's hope (sorry, dress) that it was to blame on the opening madness :)

the tutu dress had no ribbon, so it was difficult to see the whole picture
(and the fact that it was a size 42 didn't make it a lot easier, too .. )

didn't think I would say this, but I liked the black one (with the big shoulders) best.
it was classy, simply classy.

I'm still dying to see more Lanvin -looks on Lookbook.nu, checking it out everyday!
my order should be arriving sometime this week, can't wait!
(don't you dare think this experience got me less excited about that!!)

you know who :)

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