'WE'RE NOT THE SAME' - LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger

Do you watch tv? Yes, you do? Great!

that means that unless you never watch anything but animal planet ,
there's absolutely no way you could have missed the commercial of LOUD ,
the new scent by Tommy Hilfiger!

It's obvious Tommy Hilfiger was looking for a way to (almost literally) mix song & scent,
because the first time I saw the commercial, I wasn't sure whether I was looking at a videoclip or an ad.

Even if you're not in the same room as your television, you can hear the music which, I think, is very recognizable, for the Ting Tings have a very original sound.

It got me curious, for I am a huge, huge fan of 'True star', which is also a Tommy Hilfiger perfume.
I seriously have had like 3 bottles (if you don't believe me , i'll prove it to you!),
but unfortunately it's hard to find a store that sells it nowadays.
Which is why I have high hopes for this new perfume,
that hits like a wave with it's amazing campaign!

with the holidays coming up, it'll make a great present
so I think I'll stop by Sephora this week, to check it out!

all that's left to say is

(p.s. the sentence 'WE'RE NOT THE SAME!' is now stuck in my head, gotta love the song!)|

the Girl


blub said...

echt een super leuk reclame spotje! xoxo


ja, vond ik ook!