I hate you so much right now..

I hate Topshop!

okay, so first, the webshop has been down for like, 24 hours.
that was just torture, for I had just found THE perfect shoes (top)

after, when the website came back up again
they added the most amazing shoes. ever.
all. at. the. same. time.

I can't afford to buy 4 pairs of shoes, hell, I might be lucky if I could afford just half a pair..

All I can say is that my quest for the most beautiful shoes in the world has ended

1. the perfect pair of heels (I regretted not getting the GRETA 's ..)
2. the perfect (and affordable) pair of ACNE Pistol knock-offs
3. the perfect pair of low, classy boots


The fashion building / DIY said...

Ja, dat tweede paar had ik ook gezien! Prachtig.

theGirl/MYMY'S said...

en zo jammer, ze zijn nu al uitverkocht!
maar er komen nog 2 andere versies uit, die zal ik zo even posten

bedankt voor je reactie!
mijn blog heeft erg lang stilgezeten